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Layne and Brittany Engagement


Congratulations to these two lovebirds!

Nora Mae


My beautiful daughter


I was blessed to have an opportunity to take these photos of our friends' baby girl when she was just one month old. She was so sweet and it's wonderful watching her grow!

Lladybird's Red Coat

I met Lladybird a few years ago when I joined her knitting group after moving to Nashville. Since then, every week we get to drink beer and knit. She not only is a talented knitter, but an incredible seamstress! This is her latest creation, a beautiful, bright red coat.

Ellie & Pat

I was lucky to meet these two wonderful people through work. They needed some quick Christmas card photos so we snapped these in less than 15 minutes!

Wyatt & Rosie


My neighbor's wonderful children!

Elzette Grace


This is my beautiful co-worker's daughter at just 5 days old!



I had such a fun time with this joyful child at his photo shoot, celebrating his first birthday!

The Woods Family


A great, big, and loving family of 6!

The Guinane Family


Some great friends with their lovely dog, Maxine!

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